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HCPD Chat October 21, 2023

This afternoon 11 people gathered on Zoom from 6 states and 2 countries to catch up on the latest from HCPD. Yes, we had a first-ever attendee from New South Wales, Australia. So great to visit with Cynthia Parrill! Others were joining from California, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Patty reported on several successful fundraisers and upcoming events.

Paula shared about a new project on Flickr, new additions to the Internet Archive, and updates from the Library Catalog project on the HCPD website. 

These notes from the chat, complete with some links to check out the Flickr page, will help you see what it is all about, how you can use it, and how you can participate. HCPD Chat – October 21, 2023 (1).pdf

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