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HCPD Chat Summary from March 25, 2023

Today’s HCPD Chat was a fun conversation between 11 of us from 5 states (Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia). We welcomed Erin Dyer, who joined us for the first time today.

Patty updated everyone on things happening at the library:

  • Used book sale going well – has more things to post
  • The Hornor CEOs Extension group meets at the library and they donated $100. Funds were used to buy a machine to print t-shirts, and a comb binding machine for making books to sell.
  • Janine (works part-time at the library) gave a donation which was used for an intercom system so that those in the building can better stay in touch
  • Volunteers are coming in to do sorting and organizing
  • We have received a grant to build a pavilion, and there are plans to create a memorial garden for Betty Nicholson.
  • Classes on Thursday evenings have been well attended, and have been recorded. We are working on plans to post them to the website for members. A donation will be requested to make it fair for those who have paid to attend in person. Stay tuned.
  • Spaghetti dinner planned in April and a Yard Sale in May
  • Virginia Genealogy Society to publicize our group when they meet
  • Plans are underway for the Gathering (August 10-11-12) with a speaker who specializes in Indian Trails and Railroad History. This will go right along with our theme this year, which is Tracking Your Roots.
  • The Journal will be out by mid-April

Discussion about RootsTech

  • Debbie Hacker got to attend in person, and reports that it was great to have the energy of a live event after the last few years when that was not possible.
  • Others reported being contacted by people who matched with them via DNA, exploring of the Family Tree App, and good intentions from several to go to the website to take in the online webinar recordings (they will be up for at least a year, and cover LOTS of great topics)
  • Dennis met via Zoom with a group in Northern Ireland, and is interested in following up that meeting by exploring WikiTree. He says he may report back on that at a later time.

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